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Protecting your home and property in the event of a loss is incredibly important and should be seen as a necessity. Crawford Insurance Agency informs their customers on the importance of home insurance because a home is often the largest investment you will make.

Did you know that homeowners insurance can cover the following?

  • Your Home and Property

  • Damage to Property

  • Detached Structures on Property

  • Personal Belongings on Property

  • Additional Expenses

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Home insurance is a policy often left unnoticed by many. However, it’s just as important to insure your household goods and home, as it is your automobile. There are a lot of things you might not realize that could be covered. For example, if your vehicle has been broken into on your private property and your auto insurance doesn’t cover the stolen items, you might be pleasantly surprised to find out your home insurance policy does.


Our agents take the time to answer your questions and concerns before, during, and after you’ve purchased the right policy or policies. The same goes for when an emergency hits your house. As long as you file a claim within the given time frame, the insurance company will make a visit to your house promptly to view the damage and take pictures for our records.

The agents at Crawford Insurance Agency have handled a lot of claims over the years. Call Crawford Insurance Agency before a home emergency occurs caused by weather, theft or uncontrollable circumstances. We are happy to provide you with a free quote on a home insurance policy geared toward your personal needs and wants.


It is very important to file your claim immediately so the damage doesn’t get worse and cause other problems. Even if you think the damage to your house or property is small and minimal, call us to avoid spending unnecessary time, stress, and money to fix it. You can rest easy knowing your house and property are protected by choosing the right home insurance with Crawford Insurance Agency.


Crawford Insurance Agency also offers renters insurance and condo insurance, and we assist with personal legal liability coverage as well. Contact us today for more information on a home insurance plan that best suits your needs.

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